Congratulations to our new Miss Rome & Miss Rome's Outstanding Teen!!

Miss Rome's Outstanding Teen

Miss America Crown

Miss Rome's Outstanding Teen is an OPEN preliminary to Miss Georgia's Outstanding Teen and Miss America's Outstanding Teen.

The next competition will be held at the Rome City Auditorium on Saturday, August 17, 2019 with dress rehearsal the night before on Friday, August 16th.  Due date for paperwork  packet, talent track, head shot, and entry fee is August 5, 2019.

Miss Rome's Outstanding Teen is open to young women who live and attend school in Georgia (must provide proof of residence or school). Age eligibility range is 13 to 17 (must provide copy of birth certificate and year in school). There can be confusion regarding Outstanding Teen age eligibility in some scenarios. The following is taken directly from the Miss America's Outstanding Teen website: 

  •  Must be at least thirteen (13) years of age on the first day of the State Competition in which she competes (June 2020); and
  • Must not be older than seventeen (17) years of age as of July 31st in the calendar year of the State Competition in which she competes, unless she is 18 years old and has not graduated from high school as of July 31st in the calendar year of the State Competition in which she competes.

For the avoidance of doubt, 13 to 17 year old high-school graduates, as well as 18 year old non-graduates as of July 31st, must compete at MAOTeen (Outstanding Teen) level.

Please note, this change is effective for all contestants who will compete in 2019 State Competitions, which includes all Local Competitions that will send titleholders to compete in 2019 State Competitions. If you have any questions, please contact your respective national office.

In order to verify age eligibility, you must provide a copy of your birth certificate and year in school/anticipated graduation date (the latter will be entered on the application found below).  If you have any questions about eligibility, please contact our Executive Director, Andrea Pitts. 


You will not be required to learn a dance. There will be basic stage maneuvers for the opening number, followed by candidate introductions. Introductions will include candidate number, name, and platform. Opening number attire will be the same outfit worn for private interview.


Personal Interview:  Candidates will have an 8 minute private interview with the panel of judges. Questions are primarily based upon the candidate's resume and platform statement essay but may cover additional topics as well. For teens, there is no opening or closing statement.  The judges will begin asking questions as soon as you arrive at the podium and a bell will ring when time is up.

Fitness:  Teen candidates will wear a similar fitness outfit as worn at the state competition. Midriff may be shown or covered. Candidates should wear black dance/workout leggings along with a solid colored tank and white tennis shoes. Candidates will complete a set fitness routine as their onstage presentation (required at state competition). The routine is to be performed as demonstrated. You will need to watch the video example, learn the routine, and be prepared to perform the routine at rehearsal.  There is a link to the 2019 Teen Fitness Routine Video below in the list of downloads. 


Evening Wear/Onstage Question:  Candidates will wear an evening gown of her choice. Candidates will also have 20 seconds to answer an onstage question during this segment of the competition. Teen onstage questions will be related to their platform. Teens receive a single score that combines evening wear and onstage question.

Talent:  Candidates will have 90 seconds to perform her talent selection.  

Background music track must be submitted in advance as part of the paperwork packet deadline. 

You will need to provide a copy of  your birth certificate and proof of residence.  You will need to provide a digital color photo (jpeg) head shot for newspaper and program book publicity. Your head shot must be submitted via email. 

All other contestant paperwork can be found below. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Executive Director Andrea Pitts at 706-766-4887 (cell) or by emailing

By August 5, 2019 paperwork packet, birth certificate, proof of residence, talent track, and head shot must be submitted via email (preferred) or traditional mail. Entry fee of $100 should be made payable to the Miss Rome Competition can be mailed to: 

Andrea Pitts, Executive Director  

14 Arlington Court 

Rome, GA  30165